Gayle Libby

"As Phil Libby's oldest daughter, Gayle, I feel very proud to be able to
contribute to this page.

The Libby Racing team is the original name chosen by the Libby brothers, my
 Dad and Uncle Bob. They also were the best of friends and I have heard that
directly from each of them . The respect they had for each other was obvious
on and off the race track.

Their brother , George, was also an important part of those years and each
brother had a talent to contribute .

I have learned through my association with the Maine Vintage Race Car Association that their influence on
racing history,  in Maine and in New England, has left a legacy that we  are proud to celebrate. But their
memory still runs under their own power, as they impacted many lives in addition to ours.

The restored cars 99,39 and now, the Pure Hell #2 bring back memories for many , but it also lets the Libby
Brothers ride again,  as each of my brothers gets to take the cars around the turns of Beech Ridge once

Each of these cars have had a lot of "help" to get finished and that is a story that also needs to be told. I am
sure that my brothers will help document those contributions that were so appreciated.

Dad had a great desire to help preserve racing history and saved a lot of memorabilia that is now  present in
the Maine Motorsports Mobile Museum. He began the restoration of # 99 and it had its return to Beech Ridge
Speedway on the 50th anniversary of the track. He would also be smiling that big Libby smile to know that
"Libby Racing" has  taken on a new life and that the Libby brothers and myself are closer than ever and
dedicated to Libby Racing."