My old friend.... was one of a family of eight children....4 boys and 4 girls. Growing up in Buxton
he attended Hollis Schools....and was in the 1st ever auto race at J.B. McConnell's Beech
Ridge Speedway in 1949... &.a spark lit. Phil went on to become a pioneer in Maine
Motorsports, winning races where ever they ran places long shuttered like the Arundel
Me. Speedway on the town line, or the the egg shaped Sanford Speedway off Rte 109 in that
town. He ran at the old Lewiston Fairgrounds & Unity Me. has well... at Dover & Lee, NH. also.
He was a very tough customer at the old Oxford Plains Speedway.....formerly a 1/2 mile dirt oval
until it was reconfigured by his brother Bob in the early 60's. Phil ran a pickup truck there,
because McConnell wasn't happy with trucks at the Ridge. Phil & Bob had figured out that by
getting former power company trucks, they had a taller gear ratio than what was available on
the street, which gave them more power thru the turns, and that was a big part of their success
at the Rte. 26 oval. In 1960, he won 21 out of 27 events at Beech Ridge in the Ray Snell #99, a
37' Plymouth Coupe A Class, and copped the Championship at Oxford Plains has well in his
truck. At one point during that season at Oxford, he was paid the winner's purse to leave the
truck on the trailer. He then asked track owner Bill Damon if another driver could run the truck
and was told he could, as long has it wasn't Phil. Libby put his friend Ray Worcster behind the
wheel and in an ironic twist...Ray won the event. The following year to prove no fluke, Phil
dusted em' at Beech Ridge again enroute to that track's 1961 honors. Modifieds, Late Models,
Supers, Coupes, Cutdowns, A Class, & B Class, he drove them all, fearlessly fast, & won with
them. Phil was president of the Maine State Stock Car Racing Assn. 5 times. In 1973 Beech
Ridge began to phase out the B Class Division..... a group of pre & post war coupes, in favor of
a Late Model Class consisting of Ford Fairlanes, Chevelles, & Dodge Chargers, etc. Well
known car owner/builder Bob Michaud of Sanford showed up with a Camaro race car at the
track and had trouble hooking it up. Libby jumped into it in mid-June for a practice session,
started last in the field for the feature event to test the setup, and roared on to victory that
night, his 1st time in the car, earning a free lettering job from Scarboro sign painter Joe Tufts.
When the car reappeared it was titled "Pure Hell" on the front fender. Phil went on to give em'
hell & take top honors at Beech Ridge in 1973 with that #2 Camaro. He helped usher in the
Supermodified era at BRS has well as the Modifieds, in the late 1980's.
Phil had many good friends at the Scarborough Oval and truly enjoyed and admired many of
the drivers that showed the tremendous ability and fortitude it took to be successful in short
track racing back then. Drivers like Homer Drew and Dick Wolstenhulme, the late Dick Garrett
and Ralph Cusack.
In early 2002, in response to the overwhelming growing interest in racing history in Maine....the
Maine Vintage Race Car Assn. formed. Phil became and still is a director of that group. Later
that year found his old #99 in a field behind the Snell home on Capisic St. in Portland, with a
tree growing thru it. He restored the car, which he drove last year at the popular vintage
"Summerfest Event"' @ BRS. Phil was very appreciative of the renewed interest in racing
history and was very active in all aspects of it. In 2004 hard working committee members
started the Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame. The Inaugural Class was inducted in 2004 and the
event was a smash. Phil Libby was member of that 1st Class on a historic night in Maine's auto
racing history that I go over repeatedly in my mind. Phil was also a director many times for the
MSSCRA and is a member of the BRS Hall of Fame. In 2006 after narrowing down a list that
started with more than 450 names...Phil and his equally famous Brother Bob were selected for
Induction into the Prestigious New England Auto Racing Hall of Fame along with Windham's
Dick Wolstenhulme. Phil & I had gone on a road trip in late November just before winter set in.
We journeyed up to a large old salvage yard in Readfield Me. to get a 1940 Ford pick up truck
so he could replicate that Famous #16 Truck racer he did so well with at Oxford. It was a good
day for both of us. Shortly there after Phil, a cancer survivor, began complaining of back pain
and some difficulty. It was soon there after we learned that the dreaded 'C' had returned....with
a vengeance. As proud has he was of his selection in  the NE Hall of Fame, Phil's condition
worsened & thus and he would be unable to make the trip to Conn. It was at about this time that
true legacy of the Libby family emerges in my mind..... Justifiably proud of both Libby
racers.....(the 1st pair of sibilings ever Inducted) the family had to deal head on with the issue
of a great family triumph and yet extreme sadness together. Showing that Libby Courage under
pressure that so many us know of....Daughter Gayle stepped up to the podium that day in East
Windsor...before the very best of New England's Auto Racing Fraternity...and read her dad's
acceptance speech just like he would have, the champion that he is....and always will be.... to
me & many others. Those of us that were there, were all affected. The family endures and
stands tall without complaint in their proudest hour.... Their saddest as well...many rallying
around Phil in his final days. Phil's condition worsened and he slipped under a final checkered
in the wee hours of Friday last. Three Halls of Fame....many Championships, wonderful family,
children & grandchildren, driver, dad, maintenance worker, fly fisherman, and most of all my
friend and I'll miss him.

At a car show a few years ago, one of my restored race cars was parked next to Phil's restored
#99. Killing time, we got to hashing over stories about old races and drivers, laughing to the
point of tears.....when Phil Libby said to me "you're so full of s--- I 'd beat it out of you but it'd
take me all day long and I'd get too tired"'.... well I'm ready for it now Phil.......godspeed my
 ~steve pellerin
About Phil Libby
By Steve Pellerin