Libby Racing
Welcome to the new Libby Racing page. This site is dedicated to the Phil and Bob Libby, who
raced at Beech Ridge back in the old days. The Libby family has acquired the 99, 39 and the
Pure Hell, and now shows it at local vintage race car events along with the Vintage Race Car
Libby Racing members include:
Gayle Libby (Daughter of Phil Libby)
Dale Libby (Son of Phil Libby)
Steven Libby (Son of Phil Libby)
Scott Libby (Son of Phil Libby)
So where can you see pictures and videos of the Libby Family cars?

LIBBY RACING on Facebook. Here is where we post all the current news on the Libby Racing
appearances along with pictures and videos.
CLICK HERE for the Facebook page.

For up to date details without needing
Facebook VISIT:
Libby Family Racing